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Monday, 6 July 2009 
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I Miss You.com.au is about celebrating and caring

Share with others information of the ones we love and admire through the magic of online messages and PhotoArt posters. All information entries are free.

The site showcases " Larger than Life" PhotoArt that has proven to have amazing, beneficial and emotional impacts. Other features of I Miss You are the online tributes and testimonials to honor the memories and celebrate the lives of those we love and admire.

Celebration PhotoArt is created by the “I Miss You” artists and produced using your favourite photos of the special people, person, pet or event that enriched your life. The PhotoArt will enhance your special celebration, assist in the grieving process, remind the person who is in hospital, an aged home or retirement village how wonderful their family and life is.

I Miss You.com.au is a Community Service Provider

The web site also provides a communtiy service for those wishing to find their friends or family members who are missing. This service also includes animals and pets.

All entries are free, with the Missing Person/Pets entries receiving a FREE photo entry.
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Larger than Life  PhotoArt poster Peter Geoffrey Brock The King of the Mountain 26/021945 – 08/09 2006
Larger than Life PhotoArt Poster Casey
Overseas Traveller
Larger than Life PhotoArt Poster Birthday Poster
102nd Birthday Celebration Poster
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